We use a data-driven approach to successfully attract paying customers and build engaged communities.

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Our services

High-impact marketing services to grow your crypto project

Paid Advertising

Targeted ads built and targeted for the crypto community. Our paid ads puts your project infront of crypto users, traders, and investors.

Influencer Marketing

We use specialised tools to find you the best micro and macro influencers that fit your product type. We are also able to rate influencers based on activity in account than just followers.

Marketing Analytics

As Segment Select and Google Cloud partners, we are able to offer you end-to-end analytics on your marketing campaigns.

CRM Setup

We setup the right processes and systems to enhance your communication with your customers by using leading CRM platforms.

Community Management

Our superstar community managers are online 24*7 to answer all the questions and coordinate polls, quizzes & giveaways to keep your community engaged.

Web Development

We use no-code technologies to build you pixel perfect web applications that work seamlessly like native blockchain applications.

NFT Promotion

Promote your NFT on our network of NFT calendars and communities.
We get you exclusive deals to amplify your content within communities and promote your upcoming NFT Drop.

DeFi & IDO Promotion

We promote your project or IDO directly to users with web3 wallets or other non-custodial wallets, ensuring you get the best bang out of your buck.

Why Ziel Lab

Why work with us?

With 5+ year of experience in marketing crypto projects, we have built SOPs of what works and what does not. This experience and our SOPs help us reach the sweet spot faster than anybody else. Our team specialises and understands and analyzes your crypto project and with our experience we build the right plan for you.

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Years of crypto marketing experience.
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About us

We are like an extension of your marketing team

We are a full service boutique marketing agency who accompanies your venture to deliver leads, get your brand out there, or build a community. As a small team of experts, we guarantee professional assistance and advancement.
We work closely by integrating ourselves with your marketing team, working together with your marketing head or to become your marketing team.

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Our process

A simple, yet effective three step process

1. Planning

Under this stage we analyse your current state of business and competitors. We use data to build benchmarks, ideal customer profiles, ideal customer journeys and the tracking template for conversion tracking.

2. Implementation

The marketing plan guides the generation of content libraries, ad assets, preparation of marketing channels and analytics tool setup. 

3. Control

Once the campaign goes live the first evaluations are based on the industry benchmarks, though we do not stop ourselves there. We like to push the limits with regular A/B testing and data analysis to build higher benchmarks. 

Our Testimonials

"It was a pleasure working with Abhi. Proactive, diligent and excellent communication."
Paul Gordon
Founder, Coinscrum
"Abhishek has worked under me in two different companies. He is hard-working, understand the business and can take care of client needs and questions."
Mikko Ohtamaa
Decentralised finance software developer and investor
"Abhishek is true to his title of 'driving transformation in digital'. He's been involved in very forward looking projects that required creativity and vision and has never disappointed. He is someone that delivers."
Steve Johanns
Founder, Veriown Inc.

Schedule a free,
no-obligation​ consultation.

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